On the horizon disaster

Events include us in the year 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico. It was there on the rig Deepwater Horizont working oil. This brave young men, accustomed to hard work and the work for which there was a last hope to make money. But this work is not only physically hard, but sometimes life-threatening. Because where there are deposits of oil, often happen explosions. And then comes a global catastrophe.
And so it happened on this oil platform. There was a fire, which was unable to pay off immediately. He raged with unprecedented force, and its scope terrified. The fire explosion occurred, which further aggravated the situation. Now it threatens to turn into a global catastrophe of a global scale, because if the avalanche of “black gold” will pour into the ocean, a real world happen ecological disaster. Not to mention what kind of damage the US economy will suffer, suffered a leakage of oil.

Holocaust did not prevent?

But the tragedy could have been avoided. If oil rig management does not have driven to profit, I do not care for safety and other precautions. After all, with the nature to be trifled with, and especially – the ocean. At first, everything went smoothly and like clockwork: people working, observe all safety rules, this is followed. But then, the protagonist, a middle aged man who worked on the tower, began to notice that all is not so well and smoothly. And the ocean is no longer seemed so peaceful and serene – it was more like a giant that can in an instant to carry out for your life is.

Mark Wahlberg in the life history in 2016!

And so it happened, because the tower was in the middle of the ocean. The explosion of this ocean fully showed all its power. Element has claimed the lives of thousands of young men who worked here.
And now the people who managed to stay alive, it is worth two tasks – to save themselves and to prevent the oil flowed into the ocean. But if they manage it?

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