Ember – is a classic RPG game, developed over ten years. The main advantages of the game – it is non-standard, and a fascinating story story, a huge and elaborate universe, the maximum pumping and tree of characters, stistema kraftinka. In the game the player takes the role of the Lightbringer, who was awakened from a long sleep in order to protect the ancient civilization from total annihilation Amber, at the same time all over the world subject to great danger. The Ember you take on the role of Lightbringer, who was resurrected and is designed to protect the race from extinction in the Humbert while the world is on the verge of extinction. Your path begins with a deep mounds, from which you have chosen through many ways: above ground, underground worlds – through dense forests, endless abyss, the desert and all this in order to get to the City of Light. The plot develops as you progress through the game and interact with other characters. The fate of many of the inhabitants of the universe depends on your actions and choices.

Background to the game: “Once upon a time there was no sun, and the world was shrouded in eternal darkness. And the heavens opened. And the stars, like a beacon, fell in hopeless darkness. And their name was – Amber. The mighty and the wise druids ancient race Lightbearers wandering in orbit in search of light. They performed the ritual of awakening and awakened from a deep sleep Humbert. Suddenly a bright light lit up the world, and the veil of darkness has been lifted. Amber became the embodiment of the magic flame, light and life. However, as rumors spread of their power, they were hunted … And that was the beginning of the War of Ember … “From the volume:” Revival Lightbringer ”
The main features of the game:
Classic Tie game for more than 20 hours of gameplay
Epic story filled with fascinating characters, characters, adventure and humor.
Plot twists and about 70 unique quests are available for playing
Interesting combat system in real time on the basis of the parties with a tactical pause.
More than 65 fighting skills that players will be able to choose when choosing a battle strategy.
You will meet hundreds of NPCs with their interesting stories.
In-depth crafting system: on bread, to create a magic weapon.
More than 20 hand-made locations and dark dungeons.
Find teammates, each of which has its own prehistory.
Enjoy dynamically changing weather conditions and the system of day and night shifts.


• Year: September 9. 2016
• Genre: RPG
• Platform: PC
• Publication Type: License
• Language: English
• Medicine: CODEX

Operating System: Windows 7/810
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or NVIDIA 8000 series
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 4 GB

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