Genre: Power-Metal, Symphonic-Gothic-Metal
Country artist (group): Netherlands
Year: 2016
Publisher (label): Nuclear Blast
Audio codec: MP3
Type rip: tracks
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps
Duration: 1:31:34
Availability of scans in the contents distribution: no

Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA have chosen «The Holographic Principle» as the title of the seventh studio album, which will be released on September 30 via Nuclear Blast Records. In an interview with Spark TV vocalist Simone Simons told few details about the sequel «The Quantum Enigma» (2014). “We are still engaged in realization of the songs. They are a huge number. A lot of information. But we put into this album and all the forces of hope that the record will be repaid, – frontledi explains. – I hope that people will feel the same, that we feel when we listen to this stuff. ”

«The Quantum Enigma» well received. We pulled up the bar very high. But now we are ready to accept the challenge and make the best record. We had a great orchestra, large choir, a variety of tools – a real, live instruments. Vocally, I give everything to the full and pleased with the results. ”

1st Drive – album, 12 tracks; 2nd disc – a bonus disc, 5 tracks – acoustic recordings.

01. eidola
02. Edge of the Blade
03. A Phantasmic Parade
04. Universal Death Squad
05. Divide and Conquer
06. Beyond the Matrix
07. Once Upon a Nightmare
08. The Cosmic Algorithm
09. Ascension – Dream State Armageddon
10. Dancing in a Hurricane
11. Tear Down Your Walls
12. The Holographic Principle – A Profound Understanding of Reality

13. Beyond the Good, The Bad and the Ugly
14. Dancing in a Gypsy Camp
15. Immortal Melancholy (Acoustic Version)
16. The Funky Algorithm
17. Universal Love Squad

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