Original title: Level Up
Released: 2016
Genre: thriller
Director: Adam Randall
Starring: Josh Bowman, William Houston, Doc Brown, Christine Wolff, Paul Reynolds, Jack Cameron, Oliver Jackson, Craig Rogan, Pamela Binns …

Slogan: “There was one life …”

About the film: Matt and Anna young couple living in London. Anna begins his career and knows what she wants, while Matt is still trying to find his purpose in life. On the surface, they are happy, but the tension begins to grow. One morning thugs in masks burst into the apartment and kidnap Anna and Matt are locked in a mysterious vest and leave your mobile phone. Matt, following the instructions issued to him through the mobile phone, there is no one to deliver vest Dmitry. If it fails, try to ask for help or deviates from the instructions, they will kill Anna. Within one day, Matt must make their way through the whole of London in a desperate attempt to save his girlfriend, while he will interfere to do it.

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