The tape Oliver Stone – it’s an interesting story filmed by actual events occurred recently. The story of a CIA agent, as it is called, the hero of our time. In 20 years, Edward went to serve in the US Army in 22 went to the CIA,

Movie Snowden 2016 torrent
26 signed a contract with the agency nat. security. A to 29-he has already became the most wanted man on the planet. Why did this happen? What happened there? See and download the Snowden film.

Movie Snowden 2016 torrent

Full surveillance of all and each individually to ensure the freedom and full security. US intelligence secretly followed by all longer period of time: Internet, emails, private correspondence, viewed websites, Skype, phone calls, all the information was in the hands of members of special services. Edward Snowden decided to fight for the freedom of the nation, privacy and stop it. He, having access to classified material of the National Security Agency, kidnapped and handed over the press hundreds of classified documents …

Movie Snowden 2016 torrent

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He wanted to continue the family tradition and devoted his life to serving the motherland. He unconditionally believed in and supported the US government counter-terrorism program. At the dawn of his career in one intelligence services, even he could not have guessed that it was he, Edward Snowden, will make the largest exposure in the world’s history by publishing secret documents relating to total US spying on its own citizens and citizens of other states. By opening the world’s eyes to the truth, he always closed the doors for themselves in the happy future: abandoned his career, his girlfriend and the country, who called him a traitor …


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Genre: Thriller, Drama, Biography
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, James Butler, Robert Firth, Rachel Hendshou Parker Sawers, Rhys Ifans, Ken Thomas

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