You will investigate the disappearance of a young groom devushki.Odnako common thing soon becomes dangerous – you get into the world of puppets and secrets. You have to find out who is behind the mysterious kidnapping.


Wow! The game, of course, planned simply stunned! In a certain city N began to disappear people. It all started with the fact that a local judge was gone. But after a while he comes back safe and sound, but there is signs of complete amnesia. After that, the people began to disappear more and more. But take off was the same story – after some time they returned to their families, but all polls with amnesia. We play for a detective who go to the city to investigate the disappearance of N groom daughter of the mayor of the city Marjorie Smith.

The police dropped her hands, too, Dad can not help, so she asks for help from you. Arriving in the city, you find out some more details about what the kidnappers demanded a ransom for kidnapped James Finch, and it must be delivered before midnight to a local hospital. Mayor Smith, in any did not agree to give his daughter money to buy her lover and then you decide to take extreme measures, at their own risk and are printing fake money at midnight giving ransom. But this does not save James, the kidnappers killed him.



And yet it turns out that they are not new to this business, and even have been caught once (as far as I understand, all for the same kidnapping). They Marjorie tried to steal, but you interfered in their plans and freed the girl. The hospital is happening at all is something unimaginable: mechanical people without faces, obscure traces of the experiments. In general, fear, Shocking and full plate. But then you can not figure out that James Finch something seriously ill (what exactly – did not understand, apparently something with a heart), and spent a long time in this very hospital. But asked him to let go, to spend the last days with his beloved. So what am I? Yes, then it turns out that James was not killed himself, but only demolished polbashki wooden doll in the form of James. A young man was transferred to some other building. You make your way there, and there was about all the honest company: and tied to a certain rack, James, and two kidnappers in masks of plague healers, and even Marjorie was in this nice company at their mercy. And this is where the fun begins. Dzhkyms loses its face in the truest sense of the word, and then kill it again, this time as “the most popular weapon after Kalashnikov” (c) – a kitchen knife, dagger. And on this “compactly la comedy”.


Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, I’m looking for
Developer: ERS Game Studios
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Informal
Language: English

System requirements:
– OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
– Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
– RAM 2048 MB or higher
– DirectX 9.0 or higher
– HDD: 1,06 GB free space

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