This film called “Sausage Party” belongs to Animation movies genre. Film’s director’s full name is Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, it was released in 2016. Film Quallity is HDCam with 720p resolution, also IMDB rating was 7.4 at the moment then we was adding it.

The plot of the cartoon is not very common in its content. And it all is that the main characters here, none other than, delicatessen, namely sausages. The action described herein which occurs in a large supermarket. Just today, the people in it Nemer, all products are bought huge baskets. Some customers do not even look that they put in his bag. Well, the products that are already on the shelves and racks, finally happy, because soon they will take the new owner, with whom they will go on a new journey.


Not spared the joy of a party, and one package of sausages. Lovely lady who took them to his house for food seems the most kind and wonderful person on earth. But all was well, until one moment. Vegetables, and with them the dogs saw their new owner picks up the knife. Before their eyes swept the whole of life, because now they realized their true purpose, they will just supper woman. But the main character of the cartoon, bold sausage, does not want to end their lives this way, and so is going to escape from his new home.

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Together with them, it offers go on the run very delicious sausages. Together, the products of the poor wanted to convey to everyone what their terrible fate in people’s lives.

  • Release Year:  2016 
  • Quality:  HDCam 
  • Resolution:  720p 
  • Language: Sausage party 2016 torrent English
  • Film Director: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon
  • Lenght: 89 min
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4
  • Download Size: 1.3 GB
  • Downloads: 15781
  • Views Online: 65704
  • Movie Genre: Animation


The main heroine realized that the beautiful packaging and a delicious smell, these are the reasons due to which they are doomed to destruction. The story of the rest of the products on a large threat, sausage along with cheeses, potatoes and cabbage, are trying to come up with a special plan for survival in the great world supermarket.

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