This year is a film directed by Tate Taylor, entitled “The girl on the train torrent.” Out of it based on the novel floors Hawkins. This action-packed thriller came out with the slogan “All that you see, can hurt you.” Premiere detective planned for the 27th of September this year.
Rachel every day on his way on his own business on the train. And every day she sees a marvelous house in which he lives a married couple. Rachel watches over this house and the people living there. And it seems that there is an ideal family living. She had no idea of their daily way without this cottage and a couple that lives in it.

But once this ideal picture crumbled to pieces when Rachel saw in the house something has changed – a wonderful hostess gone home. And it turned out that only Rachel out of the train window saw what actually happened. And that carefully tried to hide from prying eyes. So she was embroiled in a complex and serenzuyu situation that is not so and will just get out. History will be confused. What will take Rachel?

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