Movies in the spirit of good old westerns come infrequently. But this year, the premiere of the movie “The Magnificent Seven” – a Western with a modern twist. I took a picture directed by Antoine Fuqua and written script by Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Hashimoto Ogun and Sinoe. See another story from the master militants and thrillers!

Seven of the 60-year back!

“The Magnificent Seven torrent” this year – nothing more than a remake of the eponymous painting by John Sturges, which was released in 1960 to the year.
Events include us in the small village, which is located somewhere in the wilds of the country itself. It is home to the simple and honest people whose whole life – is hard work. Only its not easy craft they earn their livelihood and shelter.
And it would be easy, if the village is constantly on running a gang of bandits. They deprived the residents of rest and peace of the village. The bandits threatened violent reprisals if the villagers will not give them money. Especially everyone is afraid of the leader of the gang. Of course, people with pain to part with an honest and hard acquired property, but what has it to them, if they will be deprived of life? And to do that bandits – a piece of cake.

How Did Seven

But once the people’s patience snapped. It happened after the last time bandits came to the village, staged a defeat, began to beat the men and raping local women. But people did not appeal to anyone. Sheriff long been closed to all eyes as thugs hired him. But they found a way out: gathering his last crumbs of money, they were called to the aid of the cowboys. Oh, they sure can help! Chief among them was Chris, for which catch the bastard Kalmer was a matter of honor.
And if the band, Chris and his guys to settle down soon, he Calmer, though wounded, but missed. But the deed was done – a gang of thugs cowboys drove and could leave the village. But they decided to pursue the case.

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