A Hologram for the King

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Original title: A Hologram for the King
Country: United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Mexico
Director: Tom Tykwer
Starring: Tom Hanks, Alexander Black, Sarita Chaudhry, SIDS Babette Knudsen, Tracy Feireuey, Jane Perry, Tom Skerritt, Michael Barale, Lewis Rainer, Alexander Molkentin
Genre: Comedy, Drama
The premiere of the world: April 20, 2016
Duration: 98 min. / 1:38
Year: 2016

In the past, Alan Clay – a top manager of a large company for the production of bicycles. When a firm fails, unable to compete with the Chinese, he loses not only a job, but is on the verge of ruin. Life is flying down the slope – business crashed, marriage is about to fall apart, and nothing to pay for daughter’s education. When Clay offer participation in a daring project to promote IT-technologies in the Middle East, he agrees. This is his only chance to avoid bankruptcy and to establish life. His wife and friends were skeptical about the idea of Alan, and in the face of his daughter, he found support.

Clay task – to interest the King of Saudi Arabia system holographic broadcast, to make a presentation of the new technology and to make a deal. But it is not so easy to get an audience with the crowned heads. During exhausting waiting Alan meets a mysterious Arab world, knows the culture and life of Muslims. Beginning its journey as an ordinary working visit, the aging businessman did not expect what will turn for his visit to Saudi Arabia …

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