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ArchiCAD 20 – will provide the benefits of architectural design in 3D space, and you will enjoy the incredible freedom of work. Based on deep knowledge of the architectural process, the Information model of the ArchiCAD building completely imitates the construction of real buildings. When solving any problems: from the planning of cities and to the worked out details; From functional studies to complex designs – ArchiCAD’s specialized tools are always available and easy to use, providing you with complete creative freedom.


In ArchiCAD, you create in the Information 3D Model of the Building, on the basis of which all necessary documents and images are automatically generated. The project takes on life and develops on the screen at the same time as the work of your thought, allowing you to focus on creativity. Information modeling of the building is the most natural and intuitive approach to design, and thanks to the understandability of 3D-presentation of projects, customers will be impressed by your creativity.m

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