AusLogics BoostSpeed [DC 27.08.2016] (2016) РС

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Hard disk space: 60 MB
Memory: 512 MB
Recommended screen resolution: 1024×700

Description: Auslogics BoostSpeed – populyarnыy SET of tools for optimization and tuning your the operating system. C pomoshchju эtoy program vы Smozhe Significantly optimize your system works, with lehkostyu Set Various parameters of Windows, cleanse and systems zhestkyy drive from Register of musora and nenuzhnыh Record, Set and Register of defrahmentatsyyu disk, as well as optimize Speed Internet-connection and much more.
Disk Cleaner ( «Maintenance disk” – “Cleaning”)
C pomoshchju dannoy function can be nenuzhnыe Delete files, files zamedlyayuschye computer. Instrument osuschestvlyaet Disk Cleaner Scan system for file availability musora, kotoryya lying on disk. K file musoru mogut bыt otnesenы: vremennыe files, chat programs files, cache files, files vremennыe medyapleerov, vremennыe Java files and others. If not vы razbyraetes, Kaki Nuzhny Scan folder, you can Select “Only bezopasnыe be noted.” So vы not nuzhnыe Delete files for the system.

• Disk Defrag – ( «Maintenance disk” – “Defrahmentatsyya”)
This produces defrahmentatsyyu disk tools, processes uskoryaet reading, recording to disc, optymyzyruet systemnыh Location of files. As a result of sokraschaetsya TIME otklyka applications, loading systems, povыshaetsya General proyzvodytelnost PC.

• Disk Doctor – ( «Maintenance disk” – “Search oshybok”)
Yspolzuya dannuyu Utility, vhodyaschuyu in Auslogics BoostSpeed, the Review can be zhestkyy drive on availability oshybok in faylovoy system. If obnaruzhyt nechytaemыy Utility sector, the ÎÍÀ vosstanovyt Data, kotoryya are back in data sectors, pereneset t innew vыdelennыy cluster. C pomoshchju dannoy Utilities can be kontrolyrovat STATUS vynchestera, predotvratyt loss of data.

• Duplicate File Finder ( «Osvobozbdeniye place on disk” – “Remove cops”)
As a result of rutynnoy ezhednevnoy work on the computer now dublykatov accumulates many files. How Can This bыt Photos, Music and so, Documents, Various applications (setup files). Utility nahodyt and udalyaet nenuzhnыe dublykatы. Initially, perform recommended launch Duplicate File Finder, and zatem Only Disk Defrag, Disk cleaning As well as nenuzhnыh files uskoryaet defrahmentatsyy process.

• Disk Explorer ( «Osvobozbdeniye place on disk” – “Select disk”)
THIS Utility, vhodyaschaya in Auslogics BoostSpeed, pomohaet osuschestvlyat strict control on disk space Using vynchestera. Thanks to Disk Explorer you can get Kaki folders, files, files Types zanymayut bolshe vsego place on vynchestera. You can take advantage of a list of “Top-100 files,” Thanks to Kotor can be oblehchyt and uprostyt itself a target for Search samыh krupnыh files, for liberation zhestkom space on the disk.

• Startup Manager ( “Control ON” – “Auto”)
The program allows us to control pan, kotoryya Launching Together with Windows, Utility pokazыvaet all autorun program on your system and allows us to Disable rarely Or Almost neyspolzuemыe program.

• Uninstall Manager ( «Control ON” – “installed software”)
Dannaya Utility allows us to easily deynstrallyrovat beloved IZ ustanovlennыh programs. Suschestvuyut three functions: “Deynstallyrovat” – standartnoe Remove Programs Remove with pomoshchju masters; “Momentalnoe Remove” – udalyaet without running the program mhnovenno Remove masters; “Delete register of IZ” – udalyaet records register of IZ program, program rannee If THIS bыla Deleted incorrect.

• Tweak Manager ( “System Setup” – “Options”)
Pozvolyaet otkorrektyrovat multitude maloyzvestnыh nastroek Windows, something pryvedet for uskorenyyu Vasheho computer. All settings ymeyut podrobnoe Description, something delaet s Using prostыm and ponyatnыm.

• File Recovery. ( “Эkstrennoe Restoration” – “Restoration files”)
If vы accidentally udalyly file paper Photos Or, it can take advantage vы dare utylytoy File Recovery, a composition Incoming Auslogics BoostSpeed. Vы Smozhe Restore Types lyubыe files, kotoryya bыly udalenы with carrier information. Quick Register Prymenyaya function, you can ymenno tot Select the file kotoryya neobhodimo bystro find and Restore.

• Rescue Center ( «Эkstrennoe Restoration” – “recovery center”)
Everything Changed, kotoryya bыly proyzvedenы prohrammoy, sohranyayutsya in the center of recovery. If work program after you voznyknut Kaki-Liboje problems, it is easy to cancel vы Smozhe sdelannыe “Improvement” bring the system to the Primary state.

• Registry Cleaner – ( «Register of Maintenance” – “Cleaning”)
Mistakes in the register of mogut uhudshyt proyzvodytelnost system lead for zavysanyyu computer. Register of Utility skanyruet, is looking nevernыe Or ustarevshye Data, yspravlyaet naydennыe error. Utility can be bezopasno Require all can be easily Changed to cancel, vospolzovavshys Center recovery.

• Registry Defrag – ( «Register of Maintenance” – “Defrahmentatsyya”)
Auslogics BoostSpeed also vkljuchaet function, prednaznachennuyu for register of defrahmentatsyy, Reduction Using promptly and memory. Register of Utility perepysыvaet, lykvydyruet pustыe place, yspravlyaet strukturnыe defektы. As a result – kompaktnыy a good register of strukturyrovannыy, kotoryya yspolzuet less resources PCs trebuet less of time to access. Also You can oznakomytsya with detalnыm otchetom prodelannoy at work.

• System Information ( «STATUS system” – “Information”)
Thanks to эtoy scrap, you can access for podrobnoy Get info Vashem Computer, is there to learn about the equipment configuration, view the info on the operating system installed USED drivers, programs. Also You can sformyrovat and Save otchet Register for a more convenient formate.

• Task Manager ( «STATUS system” – “Task Manager”)
C pomoshchju эtoho Task Manager can be osuschestvlyat control processor loading, memory. Also You can establish Kaki IZ processes mogut vred reasons for vasheho computer. Task Manager allows us to process any uskoryt Or at the expense of Annex pereraspredelenyya systemnыh resources.

• Services Manager ( «STATUS system” – “Sluzhbы”)
On the computer mogut vыpolnyatsya processes at kotorыh vы do not know, Everybody ymi not polzuetes. Kazhdaya Service yspolzuet resources of memory, processor, disk zhestkoho. If Disable nenuzhnыe sluzhbы, you can significantly uluchshyt bыstrodeystvye computer.

• File Shredder – ( «the Privacy” – “Unychtozhyt files”)
Remove files and folders in Windows udalyaet links, but not the files. C pomoshchju dannoy Utilities can be completely Delete information from vynchestera, USB-carrier, so something will be impossible ee Restore. Utility chetыrmya equipped algorithms Removal – Quick to as super bezopasnoho.

• Disk Wiper ( «the Privacy” – “Clear Drives”)
C pomoshchju эtoho tools can be steret earlier udalennuyu way obыchnыm information. Disk Wiper allows us to Disable SERVICE Restoration Systems, This Warranty of something in the process styranyya New files sozdavatsya cops will not. THIS Utility Can also productionodit cleaning kontsevыh klasterov (slack area) and entries in the table faylovoy system.

• Track Eraser ( «the Privacy” – “Clear History”)
When vы yspolzuete Internet visits to web sites on the Internet, are working with documents via a browser, then yours in action zapysыvayutsya of special files “cookie”, vremennыh Intenet files and a register of Windows. If postoronnye Receive access for people Vashem Computer, then smohut Extract info volume vы poseschaly Sites Kaki, Kaki Documents, vы yspolzovaly program. THIS Utility, vhodyaschaya composition in Auslogics BoostSpeed, udalyt dannuyu the info, zaschytyt yours konfydentsyalnыe Data transfer from the third persons.

• Internet Optimizer ( «Uskorenye Intenet” – “automatic” and “Manual Setup”)
Internet Optimizer allows us proyzvesty setting More hundreds of parameters, Avto mature maksymalnoy proyzvodytelnosty systems and compounds Speed through the Internet.


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