Baccara – Super Hits Collection (2015) MP3

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Baccara – Super Hits Collection (2015) MP3
Year: 2015
Genre: Pop, Disco
Country: Spain
Duration: 1:18:22
Format: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 320kbps

01. Sorry, I’m A Lady
02. Heart, Body And Soul
03. Spend The Night
04. Cara Mia
05. Woman To Woman
06. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
07. Boogaloo
08. Colorado
09. Darling
10. Ohio
11. Parlez-vous Francais
12. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
13. Ay, Ay Sailor
14. (Baby, Why Do not You Reach Out) Light My Fire
15. Mucho, Mucho
16. The Devil Sent You To Lorado
17. My Kisses Need A Cavalier
18. Body-Talk
19. Bad Boys
20. Can not Help Falling In Love

Additional Information
One of the best duos in Europe 80.
Included in the Guinness Book of Records as the female artist has sold 16 million records with the single “Yes Sir I Can Boogie”!

The group includes two charming girls Mayte Mateus (Mate Mateus) and Maria Mediolo (Maria Mendiola). Mate was born on March 3, 1951, and Mary – May 4, 1952.
Creative duo starts in 1977.
Mate a certified teacher of the Spanish Royal Academy met with Maria in the Spanish television. Their idea is to create a female vocal duo once born. Soon Maite and Maria went on a Spanish island, where they were given immediately try their hand at “Tres Islas” hotels scene. After the first performance, fiery number of girls liked guests. The hotel had a lot of tourists, especially from Germany and so the girls in addition to the traditional Spanish flamenco dance songs, as well as performed hits “ABBA”, Donna Summer and “Boney-M”.
January 17, 1977 among the tourists, before which were Maite and Maria appeared employee company BMG Leon Deane. Leon was so fascinated by the girls, I do not hesitate to invite them to Hamburg. A month later, Maite and Maria come to Hamburg and start rehearsing with producer and composer Rolf soju.
Bosses BMG (RCA at the time), was so fascinated by their voices that the single “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” was released in 6 days.
So there was a “Baccara” duet.
The song “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” is fast gaining popularity and wins the top of the charts in many European countries.
The next single, “Sorry I’m A Lady”, in November 1977 also falls on top of the charts and soon released their first album – “Baccara”. Both singles in its composition. Album receives gold double gold, platinum, platinum double.
“Bascara” to become so popular band of the time, that all the TV channels in Europe are dreaming to get an exclusive interview with Mate and Mary. Girls regularly flashed on TV, especially in Germany, Spain, the UK, taking part in the most popular music show – Sacha Distel Show (England) and Musikladen (Germany).
In 1979 he published the single “Eins plus eins ist eins”. This is the peak of popularity creativity charming girls.
The first duo album released by RCA, also called the “Baccara”. Mayte and Maria successfully represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 with the song “Parlez-vous franais”
In 1981, the original part of the duo has ceased to exist. Both participants became engaged in solo projects. Maite went through a few mates, but not having achieved success, was engaged in teaching dance.
In 1983, Maria Mendiola invited to cooperate with his old girlfriend Marisa Perez. Marisa was born in the French city of Marseille. Her mother is French, Spanish father. From childhood she was fond of singing and dancing, so went to Madrid and entered the art school at age 18, where he met with Maria and Maite.
Maria and Marisa worked with producer Leon Deane, and titled “New Baccara” released in the late 80s several singles ( “Fantasy boy”, “Call me up”, “Touch me”), who had great success in the discotheques.

In 1990, Maria and Marisa spent over a month on a tour of the Soviet Union, organized by the State concert.

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