Bastille Day 2016

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A clever pickpocket Michael Mason attracted the attention of police and secret services, when stealing a bag containing more than just a wallet. In his next outing bold and sharp special agent of the CIA Shawn Bryar. Together they become the target of a secret criminal organization, and during the day must bring criminals to clean water.


Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom, France, USA
Genre: Action, Drama
Duration: 1:31:48
Translation: Authors (odnogolosyj, offscreen) [Dmitry ECAP]
Subtitles: None
Director: James Watkins
Cast: Idris Elba (Sean Briar), Richard Madden (Michael Mason), Charlotte Le Bon (Zoe Naville), Kelly Reilly (Karen Dacre), Anatol Yusef (Tom Luddy), Jose Garcia (Victor Gamieux), Jorge Leon Martinez ( Rioter), Alexander Cooper (City Cop), Laura Hidari (Yellow Mask protestor), Eric Ebony (Baba), Charles Farrer (Journalist), James Cox (Pierre)

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