Before I Wake (2016)

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Original title: Before I Wake
Country: USA
Slogan: “The nightmares become a reality”
Director: Mike Flanagan
Cast: Annabeth Gish, Kate Bosworth, Jacob Tremblay, Thomas Jane, Scottie Thompson, Dash Mihok, Kyla Deaver, Jay Karnes, Lance E. Nichols, Courtney Bell
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Drama
The premiere of the world: April 7, 2016
Duration: 97 min. / 1:37
Year: 2016

Jesse and Mark have experienced a terrible tragedy – the loss of a young son Sean. After a while they decide to adopt from a shelter eight-year boy Cody with a difficult fate. Two foster families for some unknown reason, abandoned it, and this was reflected in a child – he was sleeping badly and wary of others. Hobson hoped that with the advent of Cody, they will get a second chance to become a happy family and are ready to give all the adopted son unspent love and tenderness.

Soon to investigate the cause of fear the boy to fall asleep at night. He has an amazing gift to revive your dreams. While Cody was asleep, his dreams come true. This gift brings the boy only suffering – except the beautiful dreams he dreams and nightmares. With the advent of Cody his adoptive parents each night faced not only with the marvelous vision of the dream baby, but also terrifying creatures of its nightmares. They begin to investigate the causes of the gift of Cody, is manifestation of his fears did not cause real damage to others.

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