Billionaire Ransom / Take Down (2016)

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Original title: Billionaire Ransom / Take Down
Category: Thriller
Produced by: United Kingdom / Pinewood Pictures
Director Director: Jim Gillespie
Starring: Jeremy Sumpter Phoebe Tonkin Ed Westwick Dominic Sherwood Elliot Knight Sebastian Koch Anna-Louise Plowman, Mark Bonnar Julia Ragnarsson Sarah Stewart
Duration: 1:47:35

Quality: HDRip
Size: 1.46 GB

About the film: A group of reckless offspring billionaires spending time in a special camp located on a remote island. Their parents hope that during your stay here the characters learn to take responsibility for their lives. On the territory of the island comes a team of armed intruders, who expect to take the descendants of the world’s elite in the hostage, and then get them for a billion dollars in ransom. To try to counter prudent captors, young people should use basic survival skills in the wild.

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