Candy Jar (2018)

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Candy Jar (2018)
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Posted: 30.04.2018

Bennett Russell and Lona Skinner are high school students and the best representatives of the discussion club at their school. Bennett’s parents hope that he will go to Yale University, and the Lons dream of seeing her at Harvard. On the eve of the state championship on the debate, the director asks them to represent their school.

But there is one snag, they have always been irreconcilable rivals who never found a common language. They have good chances to win, but in order to prepare well they need to learn mutual understanding and forget about past disagreements.

But it’s not easy to establish contact with children. Lona is a self-contained girl from the working class, Bennett opposite the introvert from a wealthy family. Forced to work together, they gradually find common ground, learn respect and, to their surprise, find that two completely opposite personalities like them can get along perfectly.

But is this enough to win an important competition, where there are many strong competitors?

Jacob Latimore, Sami Gayle, Tom Bergeron

Candy Jar (2018) download torrent

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