Cheer Danshi !! [1-8 series of 12] (2016) HDTVRip

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Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, Sports
Country: Japan
Number of episodes: 12
Duration: 25 min.
Release Date: c 05.07.2016
Directed by: Yoshimura Ai
Original Author / Writer: Acai Ryo
Scoring: Ancord, Jade

Do you think that the cheerleaders can only be a good-looking busty girl? And here and there! Ryo Acai novel “Cheerleaders” radically changes the idea of this kind of support, because in our case, this team will be composed exclusively by men!

Container: mp4
Video: x264; 1280×720; 23.976fps; ~ 1500 kbps
Audio: Aac; 48.0 khz; 2.0ch; ~ 192kbps

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