Chocolat (2016)

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Original title: Chocolat
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Directed by Roshdy Zem
Starring: Omar Sy, James Thierry, Olivier Gourmet, Clotilde Esme, Frédéric Pierrot, Alice de Lankese, Noémie Lvovsky, Alex Deca, Olivier Rabourdin, Thibault de Montalember
Duration: 1:59:05

Quality: HDRip
Size: 1.45 GB

About the film: It is the story of the first black clown in France, speaking in tandem with a white clown, was released in the circulation, and with the advent of a new partner regained its former glory. Their numbers have been extremely popular in the late XIX century, but interest in it has been demanded mainly due to the fact that the white clown mocked blacks.

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