Condor 2017 WEBRip 720p (10 series)

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Condor 2017 WEBRip 720p (10 series)
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Posted: 16.07.2018

The series, based on the spy thriller Sidney Pollack “Three days of the Condor” in 1975 with Robert Redford tells of a young idealist Joe Turner, who went to the secret service in the CIA, where he collects and analyzes information. However, after the massacre of his department’s employees, Turner has to leave paper work and enter into a fatal battle with an extremely dangerous enemy. To survive, the protagonist has to do things that he never considered himself capable of, proving once again that the true nature of a person is revealed only in extreme situations.

Information about the film

Title: Condor
Original title: Condor
Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Thriller
Director: Andrew McCarthy, Lawrence Trilling
Cast: Stephen Strait, Kes Anwar, Dominic Tipper, Wes Chatham, Frankie Adams, Shohre Aghdashlu, Chad Coleman, Terry Chen, Nick Tarabay, Kara Gee, François Chau, Ted Atherton, Elizabeth Mitchell, Natalie Lisinska, Jayden Noel, Jeremy Krittenden

Condor 2017 WEBRip 720p (10 series) download torrent

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