Invisible Sister (2015)

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Original title: Invisible Sister
Year: 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Issued: USA, Disney Channel
Director: Paul Hohen
Starring: Rowan Blanchard, Paris Berelc, Brer Curran, Rachel Crow, Alex Desert, Will Meyers, Austen Freiberger, Jennifer JAL, Scott Reeves
Duration: 1:17:41

Quality: WEB-DLRip
Size: 1.37 GB

About the film: In the original Disney Channel movie with two sisters Cleo and Molly fantastic event occurs. They are completely different, Cleo unsociable, but very smart and with a complex character, in school, she learns wonderful round excellent student. On the eve of the holiday home Helloin Cleo has to do a school assignment. In a hurry all the reagents, the experiments carried out it leaves the room. Her sister Molly is quite different in character, it is very prominent in the class beauty and all her friends the prettiest and most fashionable. She has many admirers of guys and a lot of girls envy. And thinking it was water left Molly drinks reagents and becomes invisible.

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