King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

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“The Sword of King Arthur Torrent” – a promising and long-awaited film from Guy Ritchie with the participation of famous movie actors. A well-known director who introduced the series of cult films about Detective Holmes to the world, this time was imbued with folklore of Britain and decided to bring the story to its logical conclusion. Now he plans to hit the public with a sacred British theme about knights. Given the budget of the film and the hopes that have been placed, it can be said that he has already managed to do it. In addition, help in the filming of the film was provided by such award-winning actors as Charlie Hannem and Jude Law.

Who is King Arthur?

Another film about King Arthur describes the fate and lives of the young knight, the future King Arthur. The narrative begins with a story of the time when the protagonist lounged around in the open spaces of London. Together with his brave gang, Arthur helped the poor and never was interested in his kind. This happened until a strange man appeared in his life, who told a young hero about a sacred ball called Excalibur. Since then, Arthur’s life has changed dramatically.

The mystery of Excalibur’s sword will be solved in 2017!

Download The sword of King Arthur is at least for the reason that the story of the sword is presented with unusual and interesting. If all the previous screenwriters focused on curse, this time, the director takes into account the romantic relationship and the historical issue related to Arthur’s joining to resistance. After receiving a powerful artifact, Arthur realizes that he is the chosen one. And so, he manages to unite all strong warriors and rally resistance. Now he intends to overthrow the ruler named Vortigem and get the throne …

The new film about the Sword of King Arthur also contains a note of romance associated with the first love of the future king. During the battles for the resistance army, the young hero gets acquainted with a certain Ginevra, into which he immediately falls in love without memory. The role of Arthur’s beloved was played by Astrid Berger-Frisbee. According to the epic exactly this girl was able to inspire the main hero to heroic deeds, it was Guinevere who managed to reveal the talent of a man, and it was she who was to blame for the victory of the king!

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