Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016)

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Original title: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Released: 2016
Genre: Animation, fiction, fantasy, drama, adventure
Country: Japan
Director: Takeshi Nozu
Starring: Sean Bean, Lena Headey, Aaron Paul
Duration: 1:55:32

Quality: WEB-DLRip
Size: 1.46 GB

On the cartoon: Magical Kingdom Lucis is home to the sacred crystals but hostile empire Niflheim will stop at nothing to capture the relic. Lucis King, Regis, head of an elite squad of soldiers, called “Kingsgleyv”. Armed with the magic of the King, the Knicks Ulrik and his loyal comrades from Kingsgleyv are to protect Insomnia capital to stop the inexorable advance of the imperial army.
Before the superior forces of Niflheim King Regis has no choice but to agree to the ultimatum, giving all of their land beyond the capital and married his son to Noktisa Lunafree Lady, the former princess now occupied land Tenebra.
The raging war Niflheimr fraud insomnia turn to grand battlefield, delaying Nix in the struggle for the survival of the kingdom.

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