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The story of “Lucifer” begins with a description of the hero’s spleen, which is tired of his hellish hell and decided to go to Earth to start a new life that will be deprived of the constant punishment of sinners and annoying imps. Who would have thought that Lucifer’s life in the living world would be so fun and interesting. The protagonist immediately decides to use his powers of enchantment and mind management to knock himself out of a managerial position in a nightclub, where guests will come every day. Now he is an ordinary businessman in Los Angeles. But the fun ends when next to the doors of his club found the corpse of a young girl. The police now suspect the protagonist, and the detective conducting the investigation, for some reason, does not give in to the spells of the lord of the underworld. He does not hesitate and tries to get out of the situation on his own. In addition, he is interested in being on the loose, because there was a rumor that someone is holding a collection of wings that once belonged to Lucifer when he was still an angel!


Director: Len Wiseman, Matt Earl Beasley, Egil Egilsson
Cast: Rachel Harris, Lauren German, Kayla Ewell, Kevin Alejandro, Leslie-Anne Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Tom Ellis, Matt Korboy, Scarlet Esteves and others.

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