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Marlon 2018 HDTVRip
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Posted: 18.07.2018

The happy and carefree life of the hero Marlon Wyans ends at the very moment when circumstances develop so that he has to take up the education of his children with his ex-wife. Everything would be fine and he even copes well with the role of a caring and attentive father, only his ex-faithful has completely different views on education and in general she is the exact opposite of her former. But he does not intend to give up so easily, trying hard to prove to himself and her that she is able to cope with everything, even with the antics of a woman whom he once loved and who turned his life upside down.

Information about the show

Title: Marlon
Original title: Marlon
Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: Comedy
Director: Robbie Cantryman, Eric Dean Seaton, Andy Eckerman
Cast: Essens Atkins, Mikal Carttvedt, Christina Moore, Diallo Riddle, Marlon Wayans, Brescia Webb, Evan O’Brien

Marlon 2018 HDTVRip download torrent

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