Noon (2016)

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Title: Noon
Original title: Polednice
Year: 2016
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Released: Czech Republic
Director: Michal Samir
Starring: Anna Geislerová, Daniela Kolarova, Carolina Lipovskii Marie Lyudvikova, Jiri Shtrebl, Hulk Tresnakova …
Duration: 1:28:47

Quality: HDRip
Size: 1.48 GB

About the film: The story of a mother and her daughter, who decided to start a new life and return to his native village of her husband, “who was away on business” They meet not only friendly neighbors, but also the local insane, which tells the story of the midday witch that killed her. child and is now threatening to take her daughter and glows situation. On top of this, the girl learned that her mother lied about her father and now avoids her. At this time, the mythical midday witch begins to materialize. it comes closer and closer and the question arises: danger real or all of it in a collapsing mother’s head?

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