Scrap Mechanic (2016)

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Game «Scrap Mechanic» Engineering enables a variety of designs that will move according to your desire. Of course, it is necessary to consider all the basics of the mechanism, but it is not difficult to spend a lot of time. The problem is posed by yourselves, and you have to develop a plan that mechanisms will be collected. Provided the open world with his characters, but there is a caveat – you and your comrades are gnomes. This is normal because they have the skills of construction of complex mechanisms, and this is confirmed by all the legends.


It will be necessary to understand all the blocks and connections that are available to create something incredible. For example, a transformer, which is in the form of quiet like a train, able to fly, stroking the wings. Your imagination is the chief designer in this case, but first decide what you want to achieve with the development of such structures. If you need a fighting machine, then take care of the presence of powerful weapons that can shoot down any flying machine. After weighing machine of this will be a lot, so the savings in service is not necessary, and then all characters will be surprised your skills.


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