Sensoria (2015) HDRip

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Released: 2015
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Production: Sweden
Duration: 1:17:16
Director: Christian Hollmen
Starring: Lanna Ohlsson, Alida Morberg, Rafael Pettersson, Boyle Larsson, Karin Bertling, Harald Leander

Sensitivity – A woman named Caroline Ménard moved into a new house reason for the move was the death of her child, which then led to a divorce from her husband. Now she lives all alone, only occasionally visited by her friend Emma. lived a bit in the new house, Caroline begins to something alarming. The reason for this condition is undoubtedly the house in which things are moving spontaneously. At first she did not betray any special significance, you never know, it may toothbrush itself on, and then started to happen things, evidence of the intervention of external forces there were already clear. Woman with curiosity to find out what happens to her home.

»Quality: HDRip
»Video: XviD, 2305 Kb / s, 720×304
“Sound: AC3, 384 Kb / s (2 ch)
“Subtitles: English (not sewn switchable)

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