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Jack Parsons is a famous engineer, chemist and occultist. In the 1930s, a young man, who had been fond of jet life since childhood, began working as a cleaner at a chemical plant in Los Angeles.

Soon, thanks to his innate talent and ambitions, Parsons was able to begin the American rocket industry and became one of the key founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. However, Parson’s interests were not limited to chemistry. In the early 1940s, after a short period of fascination with Marxism, Parsons became interested in the teachings of the English occultist Aleister Crowley and, together with his wife Helen, joined the Californian branch of the Order of the Eastern Templars.

Information about the show

Title: Strange angel
Original title: Strange Angel
Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: Fiction, drama
Director: David Lowry, Nelson McCormick, Ben Wheatley
Cast: Peter Mark Kendall, Jack Raynor, Michael Gaston, Dan Donohue, Randy Oglesby, Phil Abrams, Kurt Yola, Rob Zabriski, Collin Foy

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