Subnautica (2016)

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Title: Subnautica
Year of release: 16 December 2014
Genre: Adventure, simulator
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Platform: PC
Game Version: b36823 (25 August 2016)
Publication Type: Beta (Steam)
Language: Russian, English, Multi19
Language: English
Tablet: Present (3DM | CODEX | SSE | ALI213)

Description: Subnautica – it is an original and amazing computer game made in the genre of innovation, which is part of the sandbox, cinematic games, research adventure and unique quest that, in general, and of this game. In addition, the development of the game engaged titled and eminent igrodely from the studio called Unknown Worlds. Therefore, if you want to play something unusual, which has no analogues in the modern game – industry, then this game is definitely for you. The essence of the gameplay is that your character – it’s oceanographer, who will investigate the inhabitants of the depths of the oceans. You have to build their submarine, although in the beginning, they still need to make money and to do this, you will perform small tasks, “a la” pictures at shallow depths, where a diver can descend without problems. The game world is endless and repetitive, so every launch, the game will surprise gamers – the new. In Subnautica has plenty of models of submarines and sea animals, some of which will be monstrous proportions …

Using a variety of hardware, ranging from divers and equipment to the modern submarine, equipped with panoramic glass walls with durable, you will be able to visit the places that are inaccessible to ordinary people and are hidden under the multimeter body of water inhabited by bizarre creatures, colorful and incredibly beautiful.
You will manage both submarines and deep water fish live, as well as other rare species of flora and fauna. Really existing prototype of animals and equipment are waiting for their players in this poorly acquainted with the kingdom of man. The game has received positive reviews from critics and journalists around the world. Dive deeper and start to research the unknown with our protagonists.

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer
✔ Processor: CPU Intel i5-2500 equivalent or better
✔ Memory: 8 GB RAM
✔ Video card: GeForce 660 GTX w / 1GB / AMD 7700 series w / 1GB equivalent or better
✔ Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
✔ Free space on hard drive: 10 GB

1. Install \ unpack game
2. Apply the tablet to choose from NoDVD folder
3. Play

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