The Choice (2016)

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The Choice – a melodrama about the most stubborn bachelor by the name of Travis Parker, he firmly believe that love and relationship completely to him. All that he needs him for a long time there – good job and good friends. He also amateur hunting and fishing, and enjoys extreme sports and always avoids any serious relationship. When the house adjacent settles quiet, closed Gaby, Travis’s life changing.

Released: 2016
Genre: Drama, Romance
Production: United States
Duration: 1:51:06
Director: Ross Katz
Starring: Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace, Alexandra Daddario, Tom Wilkinson, Tom Welling, Jesse Boyd, Brad James, Nori Victoria, Anna Enger

»Quality: BDRip 1080p
»Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 12.8 Mbit / s, 1920×798
“Sound: Russian (AC3, 6 ch, 384 kbit / s), English (AC3, 6 ch, 640 kbit / s)
“Subtitles: English

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