The Institute (2017) BDRemux 1080p

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Baltimore, XIX century. Isabel Porter is deeply saddened by the early death of her parents. To distract from sad thoughts, the girl decides to go on vacation to the rousing popularity of the Rosewood Institute. Later she learns that behind the facade of the establishment, in which young ladies are provided with psychological help, something quite the opposite hides. Above the patients are put cruel pseudo-scientific experiments on personality modification and consciousness management …

Cast: James Franco, Ellie Gallerani, Tim B. Nelson, Laurie Singer, Vincent Alvas, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Argentino, Lauren B. Mosley

Country: USA
Production: Campbell Grobman Films, Dark Rabbit Productions, Jeff Rice Films, Redwire Pictures
Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 1:38:12

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