The Model (2016)

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Original title: The Model
Released: 2016
Genre: Romance
Country: Denmark
Director: Mads Matthies
Starring: Mary Palm, ed skrein, Ivonnik Müller, Christian Abarth, Dominique Ollbёrn, Virgil Bramley, Alexia Chicot, Thierry Ankisse Marco Ilsё, Elise Lissague
Duration: 1:39:43

Quality: HDRip
Size: 1.37 GB

About the film: When a beginner model from remote Emma received an invitation to one of the leading fashion agencies, she, without a moment’s hesitation, goes to meet his dream in Paris. In one of the photo shoots she meets a successful and attractive Photographer Shane White in which the falls. However, the world of fashion dictates its own terms and the fact that initially evolved for it as a fairy tale, it is starting to develop into a dangerous obsession and a real nightmare.

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