Utah Jazz – The Music Factory – 2016, MP3

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2nd of September on Spearhead Records released an album of one of the mastodons liquidity-fanka- Luke Wilson, better known as the Utah Jazz. This is the fifth album of the artist and release each of them, of course, an event for the entire drum & bass scene. The album was attended by MC Fava, MC Tina and, of course, the DRS.


1. Promised Land
2. Next Level 90 (Interlude)
3. Give It To Me Right
4. Exploration
5. Real Good (Interlude)
6. Neverland
7. Mile High Club feat. MC Fava
8. Can You Handle It? 2016 feat. DRS
9. Growth Comes
10. Route 166
11. The Night Shift
12. One Of A Kind
13. Be Right Here feat. Random Movement
14. Memories feat. MC Tina
15. Testament

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