Wonder Woman (2017)

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Wonder Woman Torrent is a long-awaited superhero movie based on the motives of DC comics. In the center of the story line is the Princess of the Amazons, who never met with representatives of the “stronger sex.” By no means she is capable of giving odds to any man. A miracle woman was always in the world of women warriors who did not trust the male sex. Their country is protected from the rest by strong magic. The island of the Amazons can not be found without special skills. But one day she has to get out into our world to help people save the planet …

Island of women and acquaintance with the Amazons!

According to the scenario, the film’s events unfold before the “League of Justice”, which was headed by Batman and Superman. According to the comics, the Amazon princess in the future will become one of the seven founders of the great union, called to protect the planet from various enemies. Until then, the main heroine hones his skill in combat. She has several magical artifacts, impeccable intuition and supernormal abilities. With her power she concedes only superman. Everything changes after the appearance of the queen, who says that it is time for the princess to realize her powers on the planet where men live. So she becomes the most respected defender among women.

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